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PJs Lots of patterns 10 - 14 lb Iggys [CM]

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NEW Warm Fleece Italian Greyhound Pajamas!!!   $14.95 including shipping!!!

Keep your IG warm during the cold fall, winter and early spring months in these soft, cozy PJs!!!!   These are new canine pajamas made expressly for 10 to 14 pound Italian Greyhounds!   In the pix above, the IG in the blue and white PJ is 10 pound Gracie Longhouse.   The dog in the football PJ is 14 pound George Longhouse.   The fit seems fine for this weight range.  Unlike many canine pajama sets, each one of these PJs is very easy to put on and take off.   The fabric is a soft fuzzy fleece.   Edges are left unfinished which is fine for this type of fabric because it doesn't fray.    These PJs are bargain priced and will be sold to first come, first serve.    These should sell very don't wait to place your orders!!!!

These items were donated to IGRF by Christopher W. Isaacs.   Shipping will be handled by Carole Moran.
  • Sale of this item benefits:Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
  • Shipping handled by:Carole Moran

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