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Designs in Polished Pewter - High Stepping [kd]

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If you love the richness and elegance of silver but hate dealing with tarnish...THIS is the jewelry for you!!! Instead of using sterling silver...this artist used polished pewter! The result is an incredibly realistic representation. Each of these designs is a miniature sculpture presented in 3 dimensions! I guarantee that you've never seen anything like this before! This is an exceptionally lovely style of jewelry. It is ideally suited to the beauty and elegance of Italian Greyhounds. Each piece is signed by the artist! Over the years it will substantially increase in value. Here is your chance to purchase one of these lovely jewelry items! <P> The pix below display some extraneous light reflections not there in the actual jewelry. The pix also do NOT show you the realistic 3 dimensional aspects. You really need to see these breathtaking pieces in person in order to fully appreciate the beauty. All of these pins are about the same size.

Sale of these items will benefit Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation (IGRF). Shipping handled by Karen DiRocco. Cost includes USA Shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at:
  • Sale of this item benefits:Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
  • Shipping handled by:Karen DiRocco

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