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Christmas Mouse in Heart Lapel Pin [kd]

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Here is a delightful little mouse bearing gifts. This mouse is presented within the confines of a rosy red heart. On the back is a tac type of pin. The enamel used on this pin is rich and glossy. It looks like the quality of cloisonne. Measurement is: 1" H. This pin looks like new!
 This item was donated to Italian Greyhound Rescue (IGRF) by Sondra Grumbein, DVM. After her mother sadly passed away she collected pieces of costume jewelry from the estate and donated them to Rescue.
Shipping will be handled by Karen DiRocco. Donation includes USA shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at:
  • Sale of this item benefits:Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
  • Shipping handled by:Karen DiRocco

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