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A Warm Hooded IG Sweatshirt Available in Many Colors [cm]<br>Cannoli loves her Sweatshirt [cm]

Here are warm hooded sweatshirts for your Italian Greyhound!!!! In the pix above Phillip (the man of Gracie's dreams) is modelling IG hooded sweatshirts.

Anne Marie Tucker's IG, Cannoli, loves hers. 
These are made of 100% cotton and come in many gorgeous colors. There is a drawstring for the hood and a ribbed knit band at the bottom.

small 6-9 lbs 

small-medium 10-14 lbs 
medium 15-20 lbs 

Please note: the manufacturer of our sweatshirts has their own sizing which we convert for our use.  Please ignore the size marked on the label. We will send you the appropriate size.

Baby pink is - soft baby skin color
Cyan Blue - a bright color
Red -  a true red
Grey -  a true light grey
Irish green - bright and sassy
Navy - true dark navy
Brown - med toast 
Hot pink - bright and sassy 
White i- true white

Not all sizes are available in all colors and there is a limited quantity of each. 

MANY THANKS to Mary Frankio for finding these for us!!!!
Minimum Donation $16.00