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Snoods & Neck Warmers

Head/Ear Protector for Cold Weather (Snood) [mn]

Here is a warm fleece IG hat (or snood) that protects both the head and ears from winter's chill. In any case...these fit just about every IG head and are comfortable without being confining. LOVELY! The fabric is both machine washable and dry-able. Other colors and prints are available. Please contact us for the current choice. Adjustable closure on both.

There are 2 styles.  

Red:   We have carried this style for years.  Comes in other colors/patterns.  Elastic instead of adjustable closure is sometimes available.

Purple print and pinkish owl print   This is a slightly different fit. It’s tapered for a less bulky fit and it is longer. It can be turned up or tucked in a sweater or coat. Models Mariah, Patti Cake and Annie agree they like this one better.

Shipping by Marlene Norton. The cost is $15.00 and includes USA shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at:



Neck Warmer PUPPIA size XL [cm]

Here is a fully lined gorgeous mauve/dusty rose and white checked scarf for your IG. At the throat is a fancy pin with embedded multi-faceted sparkling rhinestones. That pin is in the shape of a "P" for PUPPIA!

Sale of the scarf benefits Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation. Cost of the scarf is $10.50. Shipping will be handled by Carole Moran.
Cost includes USA Shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at: