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Welcome to our Donation with Appreciation site. Browse and see  the many useful and unique items, AND DONATION INCLUDES USA SHIPPING!

Please check out our new print on demand shop for IGRF at This site offers the ability to select a fun, Italian greyhound design made exclusively for IGRF and have it printed on a variety of items such as shirts, mugs, bags, aprons, and much more! You can even pick the item color for many of the products. We have already posted our first artist collaboration with Sass Artworks ( and have lots more fun designs and collaborations on the way. Check back often for new designs and options you will not see anywhere else.

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Fancy Christmas Collar & Leash Holly & Reindeer [cm]

Each collar and leash set is a quantity of one. They are each unique.
Here is a gold mine of fancy IG collar and leash sets! Each of these is hand made and unique!!! These were constructed of quality fabrics and materials. Each adjustable collar will fit a 9" or larger IG neck size. Leashes are 5 feet long.
They are absolutely GORGEOUS! These items were donated by Judy Wilson. Donation benefits Italian Greyhound Rescue (IGRF).
Shipping will be handled by Carole Moran. Donation includes USA shipping. For international shipping fee transactions: Please write to Judy Longhouse at: 
Minimum Donation $14.50

NEW 4 Italian Greyhound Wood Ornament with Gold Carrier from Europe!

Lotje Van Hengel spends hours and hours scouring European capitols for beautiful Italian Greyhound items that can be sold in order to help an IG in need.   This is her latest find:   new expertly cut wood ornaments in the shape of four Italian Greyhounds standing together.  The quality of this natural wood is unmistakeable!!!   Each dog displays elegance and grace!  Around the dogs is a rectangular wood "frame".  This ornament is beautiful from both the front AND the back!!!   At the top is a shimmering gold tone "hanger".   Measurements are:  2.75" W x 1.6" H.   The size is perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree!!   The light natural wood will show up spectacularly well against the tree's dark green needles!!!   This could also be hung on a car mirror.  It is small enough not to interfere with your driving vision and will make you smile every time you look at it!  Throughout your home there are also numerous places where this could be hung and would induce a smile and be appreciated each and every day!   

This an item where there will be NO bidding!   We have a good supply of these and will sell them at very reasonable prices as Buy It Nows!!!!!    Sale of each and every ornament benefits IGRF.  Shipping will be handled by Judy Longhouse.

1 ornament:  $9.95  including USA shipping  

2 ornaments:  $6.47 each including USA shipping

3 ornaments:  $5.31 each  including USA shipping

4 ornaments or more:   $5.00 each! including USA shipping