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  Honor Our Men and Women in Uniform; Past and Present

The Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation

Honor Our Men and Women in Uniform; 
Past and Present

Story about a Veteran (One of Our American Heroes!) and 3 Dogs
A Love Story

by Judy Longhouse

On occasion, IG Gracie Longhouse has displayed a few minor character flaws.  She is lazy,  vain and self centered.  She is also not warm and welcoming when it comes to other dogs.  However, one of the few exceptions to this rule is Bricks Sweeney.    Bricks is an American Staffordshire Terrier.  Most of you would call him a Pit Bull.   He is HUGE.  His head alone is bigger than Gracie's whole body.   I am usually leery of this breed.   When annoyed, they can inflict an awful lot of damage on what they may perceive as an offender.   It's because of the way their jaws are constructed. I am NOT leery of Bricks.


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